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Save time solving IT problems with a dedicated team of professionals.

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Fast Response When it’s Most Needed

Receive help to urgent problems that are stopping your work from getting done. Contact someone immediately who can help fix your issues.

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Your Reliable Partner

Avoid the stress of having to find and depend on one person to solve your company’s IT problems. You will always have someone to contact, when you need them.

Managed IT Support

Dedicate more time to other responsibilities. Delegate more tasks to keep a flexible work schedule.

Immediate Integration
Eliminate the long hiring process and get additional help immediately. Quickly reinforce your team to handle a sudden rise in requests or large increase of tasks within a project.

More Availability
Continue to be available for important obligations and delegate important requests to an IT support engineer.

Always Flexible
On-site or off-site, once a week or daily. Define the level of service you need from an IT Support engineer within your business’ requirements.

A Case Study of a Growing Company

In 2013, SOA People needed help with the deployment of several hunderd new laptops. With the IT Manager already fully booked, and the IT department understaffed, Anderson was quickly able to provide the right person who could assit in the mission.

Now in 2017, the company contracts a team of support engineers who work along side both the CIO, IT Manager and System Engineers. As SOA People continues to grow, it can always rely on the availaibtly and flexibility of an external support team, deidicated to providing 2nd line support to over 500 employees.

Europe's leading consulting and services group specializing in SAP solutions.
Europe’s leading consulting and services group specializing in SAP solutions.