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Why do I Need a Custom App?

Key reasons for dropping your Excel spreadsheets for a custom-made application.

automate tasks

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Save time by reducing daily or monthly administrative tasks. Automate calculations, reminders, document generation such as invoices and more.

Combine Multiple Spreadsheets

Stop having to search across several documents. Create one central database to include data from multiple sources.

combine spreadsheets
see data

See All Your Data

Avoid losing access to important information. Search, find and export key data at any time.

Connect From Anywhere

Access your app from any location and from any device; at home or on the move, with a smartphone, tablet or a computer.


Success Stories From Companies Who Use Custom Apps

  • guide_logo_maj

    Equipment Inventory for a Company With Over 500 Users

    SOA People’s usage of computer equipment has been growing quickly. With large stock turnovers and several offices in Europe, it was important to be able to efficiently and quickly keep track of all the purchased computer equipment and where it is located. The final application also allowed the IT team to automatically print equipment tags and policies as well as giving the IT Manager an overview of purchases and stock levels.

  • logo vano

    Project & Task Management for an Industrial Drawing Company

    Vanocad Services wanted an easy way to manage the tasks and projects requested by its customers as well as communicating status updates online. The programme had to respect the companies unique approach to project handling and allow multiple members of the team to modify information at the same time.

  • logo_adp

    Membership Management for a Wellbeing Center

    Hundreds of member’s subscriptions were used to be written out by hand on customer sheets cards and communication sent individually. Les Ateliers du Présent can now automatically manage memberships, subscription to sessions and send reminders for upcoming renewals by email & sms all through one unique programme.

  • logo ghg

    Enterprise Resource Planning for a Training Company

    Since using their custom application since 2013, The GreenHouse Group can now create and manage purchase orders, requests, and invoices as well as keeping a global view on contact and financial information.